Dental Care

Teeth become important part of the human body(dental care part 1)

Teeth vary in size and are assigned to different functions in each chewing area.
Teeth help us to speak and can easily help us to speak. Human beings can make different sounds with the help of its function, and the contour of the face can also be adjusted and adjusted to obtain better results.
Smiles need to use their teeth, because people’s smiles show their confidence, and different smiles show the feeling of smiling can make a good impression.
Therefore, dental care becomes very important, because for ordinary people, white teeth become a symbol of good health. Dental care becomes part of maintaining a smile.

Diseases of the teeth(dental care part 2)

If dental care is not done properly,
Then the structure of the tooth will become caries. People’s tooth nerves will die and suffer greatly, such as loss of alveolar bone, regular cleaning checks can treat and control gum disease, and if teeth fall out, advanced dental techniques need to be used to fill the missing gaps.

Keep teeth and gums healthy
Most people can prevent dental disease with simple dental care habits.

Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Use dental floss or interdental brush once a day.

Check your teeth regularly, maintain good brushing habits, and reduce sugar intake.

Source of caries (dental care part 3)

Sugary foods contain most of the acidic substances, and there is a mucous membrane near the teeth, and the mucous membrane becomes one of the reasons for its own destruction. Acidic substances adhere to the teeth for a long time, leading to the formation of cavities in the teeth.

In fact, it is necessary to control the intake of foods containing acidic substances, because their intake can cause serious erosive effects on the teeth.
A thin bacterial mucous membrane forms on the teeth.

Plaque accumulates on the teeth for a long time, it forms calculus, and the calculus will release toxins that continuously erode the teeth, causing inflammation of the gums. If left untreated, it will further damage the gums.
This results in direct loss between the teeth and the gums.
When calculus forms on a person’s teeth, it cannot be removed effectively by his own power alone.
He needs the power of a dentist to effectively remove plaque.

Which toothbrush to choose (dental care part 4 and more)

Adults should choose a multi-tufted, round-tipped nylon soft or medium-bristled toothbrush that fits in the back of the mouth where all parts of the mouth can be hooked.
Children can also use this type of toothbrush, but they should use this type of brush head with a smaller size.
Some people have sensitive teeth and can use a toothbrush with softer bristles.
Teeth disregarding the crowd, they can use a toothbrush with a smaller head,
People with partial disabilities can use electric toothbrushes or toothbrushes with large handles.

How to detect the presence of gum disease

Gum disease is generally not painful. Gum disease mainly destroys the alveolar bone structure. It destroys the alveolar structure and causes people to often experience pain or bleeding gums when brushing their teeth. If such a situation persists for a long time, it is necessary to seek help from a dentist.

Importance of brushing your teeth:If you don’t brush your teeth for a long time, your teeth will turn yellow and accumulate more and more plaque, which will eventually lead to the proliferation of plaque and gum disease.

The role of the dental irrigator

It uses a powerful high-pressure water jet to remove food residues, quickly remove a large amount of food residues, and maintain a reasonable degree of cleanliness of the teeth. Be careful to use a fluoride mouthwash, which will fight plaque well.

Avoid excessive exposure to sugary foods

This refers to the frequency of exposure to sugary foods rather than the quantity. If a person is exposed to sugary drinks and foods too frequently, his tooth enamel layer will be severely damaged, which will lead to abnormally sensitive teeth in the long run.


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