What is a Minimalist tattoo

Minimalist tattoos, everything for simplicity, tattoo art from the beginning is dazzling, gradually fade out of people’s field of vision.

In the fast-paced life, everything from the simple tattoo art began to spread. People’s understanding of popular tattoos, they explored a large number of well-known tattoo designs, and designed art patterns very full.

Such tattoos have existed in the fashion industry for a long time, and people have experienced aesthetic fatigue.

The tattoo artists used uniform pure black ink or light black ink,
It outlines the tattoo design with geometry, small patterns, and lines.
They can’t express many colors with such tattoos, and they give up this font outline.

How long do minimalist tattoos take

Minimalist tattoo time: It only takes half an hour for tattooists to take shape.
For them, they are more willing to spend such time.
For tattoo lovers, they feel relieved.
Generally speaking, ordinary tattoo designs consist of contouring and forming, and then adding color. (The pigment of the ink will not fade for a long time)

Tiny can be regarded as part of a minimalist tattoo,
Such a tattoo design can save a lot of thinking time for the tattoo artist,
But maybe only part of it,
Often times, tattoo artists will choose some patterns to show to the tattooers, and they will also show the tattooers their suitable body parts, avoiding private parts as much as possible.

Generally, large areas will be more popular with tattoo artists: for example: Thigh arms, abdomen, back, etc.

The purpose of minimalist tattoos

The purpose of minimalist tattoos by tattoo artists is not for color and beauty, but to make tattoos simpler and more practical in this way.

It does not deviate from the idea of tattoo lovers who want to get tattoos, but also greatly reduces their tattoos. the cost of.
The reduction in the cost of their tattoos also indirectly adds more to their subsequent tattoo ideas.

The purpose of tattoo lovers is to save costs and stimulate imagination to the greatest extent. Small patterns give tattoo lovers more space for ideas and imagination.

Easy to remove tattoos

In addition, minimalist tattoos are easy to remove and will not stay on the body for a long time.

In fact, women are more suitable for this type of tattoo, and this type of tattoo is easier to remove, and it will not cause too much to the tattooer Troubles.

This type of tattoo is inherently better than ordinary tattoos. At the same time, it also reduces the pain of the tattooer. The long-term tattoo operation will make the tattooer feel a lot of discomfort.

The following are from the appreciation of tattoo art and some of the beautiful designs


Part 1

Cat tattoos, cats are prominent in ancient Egypt.
Now, cats are one of human’s favorite animals,
The author only used a few curved lines and a few punctuation marks to outline the image of the cat. The line became its own feature.

The tattooer put the pattern on the back. She didn’t want to see it easily …

minimalist tattoo


In fact, this tattoo is hidden in a small corner, and the tattooer put her tattoo on the inner side of the ring finger.

It is almost difficult for strangers to discover it.

The tattooer only needs to use a simple gesture to interpret that love can be conveyed through small patterns.

Although the pattern is small, there are many ideas that can be conveyed.

minimalist tattoo


The moon tattoo on the small arm.
This tattoo artist chose the tattoo position on the inner side of the forearm.
When she is unwilling to raise her hand, the tattoo is not easy to be found.
The tattoo artist used pure color pigment ink to tattoo the tattoo on her arm.
The pattern is full, perfect technique! The tattoo artist did not use the paint so much that the ink would ooze out, he did not do so.

minimalist tattoo


Musical symbols and star symbols form a smiling face.
The tattoo artist’s peculiar idea, three different symbols and lines constitute the pattern, the tattooer’s perfect idea, the tattooer’s choice is the wrist down.
This large area is located in a conspicuous position, and the tattoo can be seen by strangers at a glance.
The purpose of the tattooer: to share happiness and to share a good life, to share the breath of youth.

minimalist tattoo


The tattooer used her wrist downward to display the tattoo, which shows the lines of love and the striped grass.
The pattern as a whole shows love, and the design of the love highlights some profound artistic meanings: love can be transformed into any shape, but it will still not abandon the original intention of the lover.

The tattoo artist did not choose to fill the tattoo pattern, which may be Means: Love needs to maintain an empty cup of eternal and pure heart.

minimalist tattoo


This pattern contains 3 basic elements: smiling face, love, and dandelion.
The tattoo artist’s creativity reflects the mutual combination of different elements.

He connects the smiley face with the love, and combines the love connection with the dandelion element.

He wants to combine the happiness element and the love element, including the dandelion element.
It is worthwhile to believe that the tattooist has kept this belief for a long time.

minimalist tattoo


The strips of grass are simply spread and divided, and there is not much difference in the style of the strips.
The tattooist chose the part of the forearm near the wrist in the vertical direction as the tattoo site.
In fact, this part is also a part that has been used more. This strip of grass represents a positive spiritual belief.

minimalist tattoo


This simple tattoo uses 4 elements,
The tattoo artist used flowers, grass, stars, and the moon.
Such elements make simple tattoos more interesting, and tattoo artists use such techniques to make tattoo patterns more conspicuous and rich.
What’s interesting is that the tattooer chose an alternative part of the tattoo design. He used the left side of the neck to display, and his personalized attitude was displayed.

minimalist tattoo


Interesting small paper airplane, the tattooer directly placed it on the most important part, the middle part of the clavicle part and the shoulder part.

The display of this part is more thorough and obvious. The tattoo artist used light colors to embellish the dotted lines.

minimalist tattoo


Common insect creatures, colorful butterflies.
The butterfly is a symbol of the rhythm of life.
Three butterflies make the original fair skin even more exciting.
The tattoo artist used 3 butterflies as the tattoo design, and the tattoo artist seemed to use her leg as the tattoo site.

minimalist tattoo


The tattooer uses the outside of her wrist as the tattooed part.
The tattoo artist did not use pure black ink paint,
He colored both the camera pattern and the love pattern, making the tattoo colorful.
The shape of this camera becomes more colorful on the surface of the tattoo design, so tattoo artists or strangers can easily distinguish it from other simple tattoos.

minimalist tattoo


The new butterfly shape is different from the previous large butterfly shape.
The impression of the tattoo pattern on the wrist downward, with a very small design.

minimalist tattoo


The tattoo artist used a purely lined pigeon outline for division.
This pattern shows a pigeon without color.
The tattooer uses her shoulder and the middle part of the arm as the tattoo part, which will help her support the symbolic meaning of peace.

minimalist tattoo


The tattooist used flowers as the pattern of the tattoo.
Available expandable flower display.

minimalist tattoo


Cassette machine or video machine, the compact machine style shows the function of the image and the fixed tattoo style. The tattooer uses this pattern as a tattoo fixation method.

minimalist tattoo


The scheme of intersecting lines makes the pattern richer, and the tattoo artist also used 3 different colors for stacking.

The styles of light red, light black and light blue make the picture more harmonious and outstanding.


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