Self care

What is self care?

Self care activities to maintain life, health and comfort.

Body care, the body serves as the basis for maintaining life.

Its existence proves that the operation of all organic organisms cannot leave the basic body structure.

Therefore, most ordinary people need to start with body care. Their body care affects most of the body’s functions.

In fact, people always want to maintain it, only need to do exercises and reasonable drinking water.

Psychological care, people’s psychological care can optimize their negative emotions very well.

They need to change their coping styles, their usual life habits, or change their way of thinking.

For example, in life encounters and unpleasant things, they will be angry, sad, or depressed.

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In this case, psychological care will play a huge role in the form: usually suppress emotions with a strong psychological quality or by diverting attention .

Targeted care,For example, oral care, people’s oral care can effectively prevent the entry of germs.

Because most germs attack from the mouth, the mouth is the first line of defense for people, and people need to improve most of its immune effects.

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Sources of oral care

Clean and protect the teeth, tongue, palate, cheeks and other parts of the oral organs
The main steps of oral care:
Clean the teeth,
Teeth occupies the main position of the oral cavity. If people’s teeth are not well protected, a large number of bad bacteria will corrode the teeth and people’s eating experience will also be destroyed.
People’s mouth needs to filter a large number of bad bacteria cells.

Benefits of oral care

Reduce the incidence of periodontal disease
Periodontal disease is a disease that harms people’s oral cavity.

Oral care can effectively prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease.

Reduce the incidence of oral diseases, facilitate people to eat, and for people to have a clean oral cavity, this undoubtedly optimizes their eating experience.

Regulate emotions. When people have a high-quality oral cavity, their speaking experience and life experience will become very high-quality, and they will be less affected by their own emotions.

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How do employees complete their work through self-care?

Apart from self-care in life, self-care is equally important at work.

As an employee, he needs to be familiar with the basic workflow and learn to use the tools available at work.

How to complete one’s own tasks without help has become particularly important.

As an employee, he needs to have the ability to solve problems independently and the ability to acquire new ideas on the basis of the original.

Such employees can become excellent and completely Rely on his own abilities to make himself more valuable.

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Methods of Self-Care

Participate in reasonable psychotherapy, you can take the initiative to confide and release pressure to people you can trust nearby.

Talk about the source of your pain, and try to be formal and face it.

Resolutely can’t avoid it. Don’t try to avoid some sensitive topics, or topics that are private to you.

If you keep trying to avoid it, the pain will stay.

In the heart, the huge pressure could not be released.

Try to use some health care medicines.

Natural medicinal materials that are good for your health can also take care of your body.

Of course, the maintenance of drugs generally cannot be carried out for a long time.

Such behavior needs to be gradual and stopped slowly.

Adequate sleep, your sleep time should not be too long, and of course not too short, you need to maintain an appropriate cycle.

Get started. You can’t stay inactive for long periods of time, and inactivity for long periods of time is not good for your body’s adjustment and progress of care.


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