Origin of snake tattoo


About the beginning of a snake tattoo

Snakes : legless reptiles that evolved from lizards.
Some snakes with poisonous.
Not all snakes eat meat.
From a cultural point of view, snake culture has influenced all over the world, it not only represents evil, but also has medical reference value, and even has the charm of Godhead.

People all over the world fear and adore it
Among them, the representative symbols come from African culture and American culture

Originally evolved from a totem, now it has gradually become a symbol of the body.

With the development of tattoo craftsmanship, the exaggerated influence of tattoo art has gradually changed people’s perceptions, and the fashion and trend of snake tattoos have begun to sweep the world!

Which dispels stereotypes, snake tattoo culture begins to evolve into a new item.

Why choose a snake tattoo

it represent mystical power, and it can be used as symbols of luck and holiness.
It has influenced the customs and cultures of many regions, and its value is also reflected when it is used as a sacred symbol.

snake tattoo Trends


snake tattoo


snake tattoo


snake tattoo

Do people need to be afraid of it?

The answer is no, snake tattoo as a belief, people don’t have to be too afraid of it, it can indirectly bring good luck, the reason why people feel afraid is because its appearance looks scary, when people gradually get used to it Its appearance has become more common.
Secondly, ordinary people are more likely to be afraid of the pain caused by tattoos, which are accompanied by needles piercing the skin and constantly refilling ink.


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