Introduction of sonic toothbrush

High-speed movement by micro-motor
Drive the toothbrush head to swing at high speed left and right
Sound waves

The frequency range can be heard by the human ear
Toothbrushes of different frequencies produce different teeth cleaning effects
The cleaning effect of a sonic toothbrush is proportional to the frequency and amplitude of the sonic wave


The origin of sonic toothbrush

It originated in the 19th century
No power support
Built-in magnet bar at the handle
The earliest electric toothbrush originated in Switzerland. At that time, just a prototype.

The Wired toothbrush need a socket for use. At that time, the water resistance barrier technology developed not very well, and users used it with danger.

In the 1960s, An unknown company Produced a wireless electric toothbrush with a built-in nickel-cadmium battery, which got rid of the obstacles of wired,

But: large toothbrush handle , short battery life , and the problem of non-replacement also emerged.

Both of these show the development of sonic technology and indirectly reflect the convenience brought to people by technological progress.

sonic tooothbrush

Types of sonic toothbrushes

Ordinary type:

Cheap, suitable for beginners
An electric motor driven ordinary electric toothbrushes, and use the physical contact and friction between the bristles and the teeth to achieve a cleaning effect.

This type of electric toothbrush has a huge price difference, but the easiest type to buy low-priced products; users who just want to have a little early adopters can lock in ordinary low- and medium-priced products first, and then consider upgrading them after experiencing the cleaning effect. payment.
The price of ordinary electric toothbrushes mainly depends on the vibration function of the bristles.

The higher the frequency and the more complicated the vibration method, the higher the price;

Swing the hands up and down to brush the teeth.

sonic tooothbrush

Acoustic wave type:

fast vibration frequency, good effect of cleaning teeth gap
Sonic toothbrush refers to the vibration frequency of the brush head and bristles similar to or the same as the sound wave, so it called the sonic toothbrush.

Currently, sonic toothbrushes dominate electric toothbrushes.

Fast vibration principle, but it got much faster frequency , which can more effectively clean the teeth.

The plaque and tartar attached to the teeth and interdental teeth will also be vibrated at high speeds. It will drop with the effect, suitable for users who want to clean the gap between teeth.
The price of this type of toothbrush varies according to the manufacturer, the frequency, direction and width of the vibration, the shape of the brush head, and so on.

Small disadvantage: the sound produced during use relative loudly, and it takes some time to get used to the use of sonic electric toothbrushes, and children need adult assistance when using them.

sonic tooothbrush

Ultrasonic type:

Can reduce tartar adhesion, help prevent and control periodontal disease
Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes use ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by human ears to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth.

Ultrasound has been proven to destroy the bacteria in the oral cavity and reduce the ability of dental plaque to adhere to the teeth.

The main feature is that it can still clean the parts that are not touched by the toothbrush, which can effectively prevent periodontal disease.

However, ultrasonic toothbrushes usually do not have the function of vibrating, so they must swing their bristles to clean it like a manual toothbrush.

In addition, the relatively high cost of ultrasonic toothbrushes has caused many large manufacturers to gradually withdraw from the production ranks.

sonic tooothbrush

The function of the toothbrush:

Sonic technology combines the high-frequency vibration and wide swing of the bristles to produce fluctuating cleaning power.

Compared with electric toothbrushes, the advantages of sonic toothbrushes are more obvious.

It can be brushed up and down scientifically, which can effectively remove plaque and protect the healthy and natural gums.

Teeth whitening. After a full charge, a sonic toothbrush with a high-quality lithium battery can provide up to six weeks of brushing time.

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