TRIbal tattoo

What is a tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoo biased towards tribal totems, similar to minimalist tattoos, after a tattoo lover has this tattoo,

It belongs to the tribe culture (limited to the tattoo type part), the tribe symbolizes belonging Feeling, this pattern has evolved into a fashion style.
It shows less content and expresses simple meanings, tattoo lovers can copy the same pattern at will, and the highlighting of ink and color material has become more simple and clear, and it will occasionally add rich content for more meaning.

Pros and Cons of Tribal Tattoo

about Advantage:

The tattoo artist only needs to outline with the help of simple lines and repeating templates, no need to add other colors.
The tattoo author can set the pattern in advance, no need for secondary creation, just a simple copy operation.
Similar to the logo, it can be dedicated to the tattoo-loving community as a symbolic counterpart.

about Shortcoming:

Common trends and fads
tattoo lovers cannot show their unique charm, Too lack of freshness for them.

Not conducive to the improvement of the tattoo artist’s technique.

The skills of tattoo artists can not only stay at the ordinary technical level, To advance technology, they need imagination and innovation

Loss of color. Once tattoo lovers choose this type of tattoo, the color material will become single, and the color part that can be displayed on their body will become less.

Tribal Tattoo Effects and Meanings

Sacred rituals and beliefs, among which excellent patterns represent water, wind, fire, earth.
Tattooers who want to be brave and supportive of their beliefs need to choose delicate and informative graphics to express their inner strength.
Moral: The image and deep meaning of characters can be interpreted in different ways.

The upside-down character represents the number of defeated enemies, the spearhead represents strength and courage, the ocean represents death and transcendence, the fish represents speed, agility, etc.


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