The history of water flosser

Teeth flusher, also called water flosser or interdental cleaner, is a household oral cleaning device.

In 1962, American dentist Gerald Moyer and engineer John Martin invented the first dental punching machine in Fort Collins, Colorado, which also contributed to Waterpik.

Waterpik was founded in 1962. In 1967, it launched the world’s first desktop flusher, which is also the first portable flusher. With more than 60 patents, the only dental appliance brand certified by the American Dental Association.

The role of the water flosser

The pulsed water jet from the water flosser can effectively clean the plaque and food residues between the teeth and gums

Food residual value makes up dental plaque.
Excessive accumulation of dental plaque can cause dental disease, Dental plaque can damage teeth severely, It directly affects the firmness of the teeth.

Water flosser

How the water flosser works

Through the high-pressure water pump, the water column impacts to wash away food residues, especially around the teeth and hidden corners.

The toothbrush cannot clean hidden corners, the user can replace it.

Water flossing handles these parts and will remove all food debris.

Water flosser

Internal structure of waterflosser


The designer set up a slender nozzle. With the high-voltage electromagnetic pulse, the water pressure will become stronger, and the practicability and usability are also very strong.

The purpose of this is to maintain a strong water pressure output and achieve the effect of cleaning teeth efficiently.

However, he also made some sacrifices. In doing so, it may cause the nozzle to need to be replaced frequently, so the nozzle part becomes a consumable material.

Non-slip grip

Anti-slip grip, as the name suggests, the main function of the anti-slip grip is to allow users to firmly grasp the machine. Excellent anti-slip technology can help users save effort and increase the grip of the user.

Travel charger

Travel chargers have almost become a must-have item. In order to let users no longer worry about charging for a long time, designers will use charger technology with small size and large battery capacity.

Start key

Its addition makes the product use more clear and simple. In order to simplify the program, the designer only sets a start button. If this is done, then he needs to add more intelligent programs to the built-in chip, such as once every 30s. Pause, or pause every 60 intervals, press this key repeatedly within 10s to directly stop a series of operations.

Water-filled starter slot

The designer configures a water-filled start slot, which makes the amount of supplementary water more reasonable and applicable. Users can clearly know the amount they need to prepare and fill it into the water tank. Its reasonable design can indirectly save water resources

Power button

Its appearance is to prevent the occurrence of electric current accidents.

The user can press the power button to complete the complete power off. He does not need to worry about the water involved in the product.

Shortcoming: It is not convenient for the user to use it directly after the power is off.

The first reaction to wake up is usually to directly operate

These various configurations constitute a basic water flosser.

Additional content

(The configuration is based on the network and does not represent the actual flusher configuration). The internal structure is relatively simple, easy to carry, and has become a part of the oral guardian.
Water flossing is undoubtedly the birth of welfare for those who are afraid of flossing. After all, according to market research, some people still resist flossing their mouths. Users using machines will change their views on flossing.

Water flosser

How to use

Confirming the power supply
Then fill the water tank or sink
Choose a suitable model
Choose to press the button, choose to look in the mirror, or choose not to look in the mirror
Different people have different teeth, and the quality of their teeth will also be different, so it needs to be adjusted to the most suitable model for the user
And it still needs to be used in conjunction with a toothbrush to help maintain oral health.
Put the nozzle in the mouth, aim at the area to be rinsed, turn on the handle switch to rinse
Turn off the device, remove the remaining water in the water tank, dry the flosser, and place it in a cool place

Water flosser

The origin of dental floss

Dental floss is a great invention made from a variety of materials.

Its appearance, as the prototype of water floss, is also to clean up the gaps between teeth, help resist the growth of dental plaque, and reduce the troubles of dental diseases.

Its operation method is relatively simple,
Bring the dental floss between the teeth and slide it along the teeth into the gap where the teeth meet the gums
Then tighten the floss on the surface of the teeth and move it up and down to scrape the surface of the teeth
After scraping one tooth surface, scrape the other tooth surface between the same teeth
Do not use too much force when using dental floss, so as not to damage the gums
Use different segments of dental floss to enter different interdental spaces
Efficient, safer and healthier
Dental floss is mostly disposable and cannot be reused, because the dirt and bacteria on the used dental floss cannot be cleaned by ordinary methods (water flushing, etc.)

Water flosser

About dental plaque

Dental plaque is a sticky, colorless or pale yellow film that is constantly forming on your teeth.

When saliva, food and fluids combine, plaque – which contains bacteria – forms between your teeth and along the gum line.

Plaque is not food for bacteria rather it is made of bacteria.

Dental plaque begins forming on teeth 4-12 hours after brushing, which is why it is so important to brush thoroughly at least twice a day and clean between them once daily.

Plaque is the root cause of many oral health issues.
Follow these teeth care tips for th​e best smile ever
Brush your teeth at least twice a day (two minutes is the recommended time). If you face difficulties in using a manual toothbrush, use an electronic toothbrush instead.

Water flosser

Advice from dentists


Floss your teeth at least once at night before sleeping.

Toothbrushing alone cannot remove bacteria and food particles in between your teeth. Floss or other interdental aids need to be used to remove these bacteria and food debris.

Cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper or toothbrush can help to remove bad breath caused by bacteria and food debris on your tongue.

Use toothpaste that contains fluoride, which helps to strengthen your teeth and prevents tooth decay.


Saliva contains minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate that help to destroy bacteria and re-mineralize damaged tooth enamel.

In addition, it has antibacterial properties that help control the bacterial population.

Stay hydrated by drinking the daily recommended amount of water.

Avoid drinks like coffee, tea, and alcohol as they are diuretics that lower saliva’s protective functions.

Avoid smoking as it can also reduce salivary flow.

Furthermore, smoking is one of the most significant risk factors associated with the development of periodontitis, i.e. a severe form of gum disease.

In addition, smoking can also lower the chance of success of some treatments.

Avoid frequent snacking on sugary and acidic foods and drinks. If you have to snack, choose healthier choices like fruits and nuts.

They are better for your overall health and your teeth. If such drinks had to be taken, using a straw will allow minimal contact with teeth.


See your dentist and your Oral Health Therapist at least twice a year.

Any signs of oral diseases can be detected earlier thus prolonging the longevity of your teeth.

Professional cleaning of your teeth by a dentist or an Oral Health Therapist should also be done regularly to prevent oral diseases. the longevity of your teeth.

Change your toothbrush every three months or earlier if its bristles are sprayed, or when your cold or flu virus has run its course to prevent re-infection.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is not only good for your health; it is also good for your teeth. The fibers from these fruits or vegetables can also help to remove some bacteria in your mouth.

Another point is relatively important, that is, it should not be overused.

Excessive use of water flossing will cause a lot of salivae to be lost, which will cause damage to the saliva.

When the body’s saliva secretion function is lost, there may be persistent thirst.

The phenomenon, so long-term use of the product needs to be stopped in time.

water flosser

About oral care

Oral care actually requires people to pay more attention to oral hygiene.

The health of oral hygiene is closely related to the health of the entire human body. People’s quality of life benefits from good and high-quality oral health maintenance.

Oral hygiene is not maintained in time, leading to mouth pain, gum disease and tooth loss.
Severe results can even directly lead to systemic diseases.

Forming good oral care habits can appropriately reduce the risk of hospitalization.
When oral ulcers occur, they cause pain and make the patient eat less.

Blogger Recommendation:

Before use needs to check whether the power supply is adapted, if the power supply is not adapted, may cause the power supply explosion combustion event.

Using water flossing can choose a well-known brand, their product quality in controlling this piece than many other unknown brands better results.

When using water flossing, be careful that the water does not fill the sink too full and can be done in the 90% section.

The use of water flossing is also very important, is not to use it as the main tool for cleaning teeth, you need to use it and toothbrush, dental floss, with the use of this is more conducive to oral health.

After use, it needs to be cleaned. If the water flosser is not cleaned in time, it may cause the growth of bacteria and germs, which will be detrimental to the health of the mouth.

If direct cleaning is too complicated, it is recommended to replace the nozzle or to replace the water flosser with a new one regularly.

The following is a real evaluation from users after use:

User mimi

This is the best water flosser to use when traveling. It is compact and packs well in my travel bag. Since I started using a water flosser I wanted something to take while traveling. Once it is fully charged it lasts a long time on the single charge. It uses a USB charger so it is super convenient.

User lelya

We had a different one before and the water container was impossible to wash out so eventually, it became gross. This one is a basic design but I love that it’s easy to clean and it won’t get gross.

User DebraL

Compact and easy to travel with, I purchased them to give as Xmas gifts. This is perfect for someone that doesn’t have a lot of extra room on their vanity. It takes up very little space and works great!

User Jeannette

Teeth feel nice and clean

User Memory lane

Regarding how the device works, helpful and easy to use.

Button to control powering off/on and pausing, then a second one to select the mode you want to use.

Options for pulsing, soft, child, and normal, so users can tailor the experience to their needs.

As a user who uses this device for the first time, worthy recommended.


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